Shanahan says team will stick to plan for RG3

Shanahan says team will stick to plan for RG3
August 5, 2013, 6:15 pm
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Coaches cautiously throttle RG3's quick return

Redskins Post Game Live

RICHMOND – When Robert Griffin III met with reporters Monday, the Redskins quarterback expressed his desire to move onto the next phase of his recovery. 

A few hours later, Coach Mike Shanahan said not so fast. The Redskins are sticking to the plan, which includes a gradual increase in the quarterback’s workload.

“You always want guys that want to play,” Shanahan said. “When you slow a guy down, that’s the job of a head coach, to hopefully put him in a position where he’s going to be healthy and ready to play the first game.  We do have a plan for him. He may not always like that plan. But that’s my job sometimes not to be liked. My job is job is to do the best thing for him. And that’s what I’ll do.”

Griffin, who had reconstructive surgery on his right knee in January, has been limited to individual and 7-on-7 drills since the start of training camp. In Monday’s drills, he completed 13 of 16 pass attempts, tossed one interception and slid after scrambling on another play.

The next step is 11-on-11 drills, where Griffin will face a pass rush for the first time in eight months. He says he feels ready. Shanahan, though, maintained that the team has no plans to speed up the process.

“We’ve got a plan,” he said. “We have a plan [for] next week. We’ll give him a little bit more next week and we’ll see how he does. We’re going to do this day-by-day. We’re going to give him a little bit more freedom with every week that goes by. And hopefully, if there is no setback, he’ll be ready for the first game.”

Shanahan added: “You always want your guys to be ready to go. You always want them to be a little bit antsy. But your job is to get them ready. I don’t want to put him in too quick for the obvious reasons. But I like what I’ve seen. He’s had no swelling. He’s making a lot of progress. We’re getting a lot of quality work done. If he continues this, with no setback, we’ll keep on giving him more freedom, more reps and hopefully get him ready.”