Shanahan says Griffin won't play until he's '100 percent'

Shanahan says Griffin won't play until he's '100 percent'
March 18, 2013, 1:45 pm
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How will RGIII's absence from offseason drills affect the Skins?

Mike Shanahan told the NFL Network that Robert Griffin III will not play until he is “100 percent” and that the team is making plans in case the Griffin is not ready when the season starts.

Speaking at the NFL meetings in Phoenix, Shanahan said that backup Kirk Cousins will take all of the offseason reps while Griffin will be taking “mental reps”. Cousins, a second-year player like Griffin, started one game and came in for an injured Griffin in three other games.

Addressing concerns that the read option offense that the Redskins run makes the quarterback vulnerable to injury, Shanahan said that the offense itself does not hurt quarterbacks. He did say, however, that Griffin needs to learn to protect himself by sliding rather than taking a hit. Shanahan said that Griffin is well aware of the need to slide.