Shanahan responds to criticism

Shanahan responds to criticism
January 7, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Shanahan defends decision to play RG3

Mike Shanahan again defended his decision to leave Robert Griffin III in at quarterback during Sunday’s 24-14 playoff loss to the Seahawks despite the fact that he had reinjured his right knee during the first quarter.

During his season-ending press conference after the loss, Shanahan reiterated that doctors on the sideline had cleared Griffin to return. Still, he said that he did second-guess himself on the decision to keep playing RG3 just as he looks back on third and short play calls.

“After the game’s over you always second-guess yourself,” he said. “What you have to do is make decisions that are the right decisions and I thought we made the right decisions. You don’t make the decisions by yourself you get a lot of opinions during the game, especially with a guy like Robert. You not only talk to him you talk to the doctors and then you go with what you think is right.”

Shanahan does feel like he is getting good information on the sideline, certainly better than he got in the past.

“You have a chance to look to your left and you have a doctor, a medical doctor,” he said. “That hasn’t happened to me in the past. I’ve had a lot of trainers, I haven’t had very many medical doctors on the sideline.”

Griffin hurt his right knee twice during the game. The first time was near the conclusion of the Redskins’ second drive. He rolled out to his right and then stopped and then threw back to Pierre Garçon in the end zone. Griffin landed awkwardly on his right leg in the process. He went to the ground, got up slowly and then went back to the huddle.

The rookie quarterback was wearing a brace on that right knee to protect him from

After the Redskins scored on a touchdown pass from Griffin to Logan Paulsen, the Griffin went back and got his knee taped up. According to what Shanahan said on Sunday, the doctors and trainers cleared Griffin to return to action.

Shanahan said that he was not upset with the criticism he has taken saying that it comes with the territory. He pointed out that many disapproved of his decisions this year to draft quarterback Kirk Cousins and to sign wide receiver Pierre Garçon. Cousins proved to be a valuable backup to Griffin and Garçon led the team in receiving yards.

“As a head football coach you’re used to criticism,” said Shanahan. You make decisions based on what you think is the right thing to do. You listen to a lot of different people.”

There was no coming back from the second injury for Griffin. Midway through the fourth quarter with the Redskins trailing by seven points, an errant shotgun snap went back to Griffin. As he went to retrieve the ball the knee buckled and he went to the ground. After several minutes he had to be helped to his field before he slowly walked to the sideline under his own power.

Griffin is slated to visit Dr. James Andrews in Pensacola, Florida on Tuesday for further examination to determine the nature and extent of his injuries.