Shanahan: Griffin's knee improving

Shanahan: Griffin's knee improving
December 31, 2012, 5:00 pm
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Shanahan updates the status of RG3's knee

Robert Griffin III’s is still slowed by the sprained knee the Redskins' quarterback suffered three games ago, Coach Mike Shanahan acknowledged on Monday.

“The LCL is going to take some time,” Shanahan said of the ligament sprain RG3 sustained against Baltimore on Dec. 9. “We all know that. Is it a month? Is it a month-and-a-half? You never really know when it’s [going to be] completely healed. Is he [at] 4.5 [seconds in the four yard dash or] 4.4? I don’t know.”

When Griffin return from a one game absence two weeks ago in Philly, he was limited to a season-low four yards rushing on two carries and clearly was hobbled by the injury. Against the Cowboys, though, RG3 was significantly more productive, even if he still did not appear to have the same burst that wowed observers before the injury.

“I was a little disappointed yesterday because he only averaged 10-1/2 yards,” Shanahan joked about Griffin rushing for 63 yards on six carries in Sunday's 28-18 victory at FedEx Field. “I thought he was going to average a little bit more. There’s always disappointment when a guy is hurting and he averages a little over 10 1/2 yards per carry.”

Although there’s no risk for re-injury, Shanahan added, the coach believes the heavy-duty knee brace Griffin is wearing has contributed to his lack of burst.

“That brace helps him, at least mentally, to know that he’s not putting too much pressure on it,” he said. “I think that’s why looks a little bit different when he does cut. I think it bothers him just a hair, but it’s something he has to wear. Hopefully it just gets better and better.”

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