Shanahan fires back at Albert Haynesworth

Shanahan fires back at Albert Haynesworth
October 31, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Shanahan on Haynesworth: "Lazy, lack of passion, lack of character"

A day after former Redskins defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth ripped Mike Shanahan and the organization, Shanahan fired back.

“Let me put it this way: the only people I haven’t gotten along with since I’ve been a coach—a head coach, an assistant coach—is someone that’s lazy,” Shanahan said after flashing a smile and pausing to collect his thoughts. “And, No. 2, when someone is lazy and they may lack character, or they’re lazy and they lack passion for the game. …When I take a look at, through my years, people who have been lazy or have lacked passion for their job, they don’t go into the next year. And when they do, they don’t last the next year. So the people I look at, that come back and complain or do some of those things that you do when you don’t get along with someone, [they] usually fall into one of those couple of areas: lazy, lack of passion and a lot of times a lack of character.”

Then he added: “And he fits all three.”

In an interview Tennessee Sports Radio on Wednesday, Haynesworth said: “I mean, it’s like, you can’t win with that team. And you think it was just me? I mean, look how he did Donovan. See what’s going on with RGIII. I met RGIII. He seemed like an extremely nice guy that’s willing to work. Now he’s gonna learn – I mean, I hate to say he’s gonna learn — about Shanahan, how he’s conniving and everything like that, where he’s not gonna help him out, it’s all about him.”

Haynesworth, who failed multiple conditioning tests and was suspended four games for conduct detrimental to the team, was paid over $32 million in salary but never came close to living up the hype that accompanied his arrival and/or salary. Haynesworth ended up playing in only 20 games before being traded to the Patriots.

Asked jokingly if the two had kept in touch, Shanahan responded: “I’m going to go to his new restaurant. I heard he has a new restaurant.”

Haynesworth opened a new burger joint in Knoxville recently.

“You usually take the high road as much as you can, and I usually do,” Shanahan said. “But I thought that he’s been talking quite a bit over the last couple of years, so I thought I’d be honest with you guys and tell you how I feel.”