Shanahan: Amerson's injury was avoidable

Shanahan: Amerson's injury was avoidable
October 15, 2013, 1:15 pm
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The Redskins haven’t said much about the status of David Amerson, who left Sunday night’s game with a concussion. 

But Coach Mike Shanahan has made this much clear: the rookie could have avoided the blindside block he absorbed in the third quarter.

“Well, it was definitely helmet-to-helmet,” Shanahan said during his Monday news conference. “David, of course in that position, he’s going to learn in time that he’s got to hit that hole a little bit harder.”

Amerson was on kickoff coverage when Dallas linebacker Cameron Lawrence delivered a hard, high block that upended the cornerback. Cowboys’ returner Dwayne Harris, meantime, hit the hole with speed and broke off a 90-yard return.

On the play, Amerson appeared to pause briefly as he considered his options. That momentary hesitation, Shanahan said, allowed Lawrence to deliver the blow to the side of Amerson’s helmet and facemask.

“He can’t wait,” Shanahan said, referring to Amerson. “Next time he’s in that position, he’ll make the tackle.”

Asked if Lawrence should have been flagged for the hit, Shanahan sidestepped the question and instead focused on what Amerson must do in the future to avoid such hits in the first place.

“I don’t want to go into detail for obvious reasons, but any time you get a helmet-to-helmet hit, there’s always an evaluation process,” Shanahan said, suggesting the play could be reviewed by the NFL. “But, like I said, if [Amerson] would have shot the right angle, he would have never been hit. Those are the things that we concentrate on.”

Shanahan said Amerson will be evaluated on a day-to-day basis. Amerson has participated in 245 snaps through five games, which is the third most snaps among Redskins’ defensive backs.