Rookie preview: Tom Compton

Rookie preview: Tom Compton
May 8, 2012, 6:07 pm
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Tom Compton
South Dakota
6-9, 310The need: Starting tackle Jammal Brown has been dealing with an injured hip ever since he came to the Redskins in 2010. Mike Shanahan has said that he seems to be better this year but that remains to be seen. In any case, an eventual replacement is needed for the 31-year-old Brown. Willie Smith did a nice job filling in for both Brown and Trent Williams last year and it is possible that he and Compton will compete for Browns job next year or, at the latest, in 2014.The fit: Compton is smart, quick and athletic, just the way you draw up a zone blocking O-lineman on the board. At 310 lb., he is not going to overpower anyone but he uses his quickness and intelligence to make blocks in the second level.The depth chart: Trent Williams is the starter at left tackle and, as noted above, Brown is the starter on the right side. Smith filled in for both last year and Tyler Polumbus also played some games there. Polumbus is a utility lineman so Compton might have to bump Smith if he is going to remain on the 53-man roster.Comptons upside: It seems doubtful that Compton could start this year except in the event of a rash in injuries. But, as noted above, he could get himself in position to compete with Smith for Browns job either next year or the year after. It wouldnt be surprising to see Compton spend all or part of 2012 on the practice squad.Shanahan on Compton: Hes got great speed, quickness, what we look for in our tackle. He did a great job in all his agility drills as well as his 40-yard dash. We think he gives us some flexibility to play both sides.Compton on Compton: (on playing either side of the line) I am comfortable on either side. Its one of those things that it doesnt really matter to me. I was hoping that it would add some value to me because I am pretty versatile throughout the line.Previously:G Adam Gettis