Robinson's timetable still murky after injury

Robinson's timetable still murky after injury
July 26, 2013, 7:15 pm
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Redskins continue to battle injuries as camp begins

RICHMOND--Keenan Robinson will have his left pectoral muscle surgically repaired next week by Dr. James Andrews, according to Mike Shanahan.

The initial prognosis was that the second-year linebacker would miss three to five months. Shanahan, though, suspects it could take longer.

“It’s really hard to say,” the Redskins’ Coach said after Friday's practice. “When you take a look at [Brian Orakpo] last year, was it seven, eight months recovery time? Probably. You take a look at [Robinson’s pectoral tear last season], probably in that same area. I’ve heard people say it may be in the three-month time frame getting back. But that’s the earliest I’ve ever heard of. Most of the situations I’ve been around is the seven, eight month area. Optimistically, could it be three months? Could it be five months? There’s a chance, but when I take a look at ‘Rak and I took a look at Keenan, it took some time – and very similar injuries to what ‘Rak had last year.”

Robinson said he’s hopeful the recovery will be shorter than last year’s.

“They won’t know for sure until they go in there,” he said. “But it shouldn’t take longer; it should be shorter.” 

Shanahan also said Robinson has not been placed on season-ending injured reserve yet. That decision won’t be made until after the operation.
“We’ll talk about that after the operation,” Shanahan said. “I can tell you a little bit more after that.”

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