RG3's father responds to Parker's comments

RG3's father responds to Parker's comments
December 14, 2012, 10:45 am
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12:00 p.m. UPDATE: ESPN has suspended columnist and commentator Rob Parker indefinitely

The father of Robert Griffin III took the high road in response to comments made on ESPN yesterday that his son may be “a cornball brother” who may not be “down with the cause”.

It is doubtful that Rob Parker can even see the high ground from where he is.

“He needs to define what ‘one of us’ is. That guy needs to define that,” the elder Robert Griffin told USA Today. “I wouldn’t say it’s racism. I would just say some people put things out there about people so they can stir things up.

“Robert is in really good shape on who he is, where he needs to get to in order to seek the goals he has in life … so I don’t take offense.”

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy was more blunt in condemning Parkers flame throwing on Twitter.


ESPN has not defended what Parker said but the network has not exactly roundly condemned them either. The show’s producers did think that what Parker said was so offensive that it shouldn’t be re-aired. At the end of the show, the comments were included in a “Best of First Take” montage.

The only official response has come from ESPN spokesman Mike Soltys via Twitter.



That’s it. About 24 hours later there is no announcement of what job action may be taken against Parker, if any. No apology to Griffin, his fiancée (Parker complained because she is white), his family or anybody else who may have been offended.

It seems that Parker and ESPN got what they wanted. His inflammatory comments have dominated the news sports news cycle and have even spread into the mainstream cable news shows. Fortunately, those most affected are not joining the network and the commenter in the sandbox.