RG3: 'We're going to ramp it up a little bit'

RG3: 'We're going to ramp it up a little bit'
July 29, 2013, 3:15 pm
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RG3 on training camp: 'It's been fun'

RICHMOND--During the offseason, it looked like the recovery of Robert Griffin III from reconstructive knee surgery was coming in leaps and bounds.

The first time that most of us saw him after the surgery was when he walked up a few steps to the stage to accept the AP Rookie of the Year award. The fact that he didn’t need crutches about a month after the repair was surprising. In April, RG3 delighted the fans at a draft day party by jumping up and down on the stage. The in May and June he amazed the media by looking like nothing had ever happened to his knee during OTAs and minicamp.

These giant strides completed, it appears that the final stages of Griffin’s rehab will come in baby steps.

“It’s not easy to sit around and watch,” he said on Monday. “But I call it ‘Operation Patience’ and that’s what I’ve got to be. I’ve got to be patient.”

The first phase of Operation Patience had Griffin participating in only position drills and in seven on sevens. This week, they are dipping their toes in the water of him participating in 11 on 11 work, but not at anything approaching full speed.

“I got a few reps in the walkthrough today,” said Grifin. “That’s a little bump up from last week, so we’ll just keep going like that.”

The morning walkthrough consists of plays that are run at about half speed, maybe a little less. It’s probably less intense than the seven on sevens that Griffin has been doing in the afternoon but the fact that there are linemen within falling distance of the prized right knee of the quarterback turned those sessions into a Phase 2 step.

 So what’s the plan after that?

“We’re going to ramp it up a little bit,” said Griffin. “They’re going to give me a few more reps in walkthrough every day, and then after that it’s just about [Shanahan] putting me in to the team reps and him trusting me in there that I’ll be smart and them trusting that I can make the moves to avoid guys. I feel like I can, but once again I have to defer to Coach and let him make that decision.”

By “team reps” Griffin means the full-speed 11 on 11 drills, the only thing he’s not doing now.

When will he do the team drills?

“I think there is a timeline. It’ll be about another week of what we’ve been doing and slowly but surely getting more reps in the first [walkthrough] practice and then after that week then it’s probably a little more ‘see what happens,’ because they’re going to eventually put me back in those team reps, give me more reps in practice.

After that, Griffin said the timeline is “pretty vague”.

Griffin thinks his knee is getting better. “I don’t really worry about my leg anymore. I just play football,” he said. “And that’s a sign that you’re getting ready.”

The Redskins only practice on Monday and Tuesday next week before departing for Nashville and their preseason opener on Thursday. They are back for a single practice on Friday before taking off Sunday and then returning for a final week of camp starting Monday.

 The way the schedule falls, if they don’t get Griffin into full team work by Monday the might just wait another week.

Or not. Like Griffin said, it’s all pretty vague.