RG3 says he remains on target for training camp

RG3 says he remains on target for training camp
June 11, 2013, 2:00 pm
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RG3 maps out coming weeks of recovery before camp

Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III reiterated Tuesday that he believes that he’ll be on the field -- and cleared to participate fully -- when training camp begins July 25. 

“Every week that does pass by … I am feeling better,” he said. “When it comes to training camp, it’s just a matter of how I feel when I get back on July 25 before we go down to Richmond and we’ll go from there. But I’ve said it a bunch of times, I’m pretty confident I’ll be there.”

Griffin took part in an explosive sprinting drill near the end of practice and says he’s now “comfortable” running in a straight line at a high pace. He sprinted from one side of the field to the other along with fellow injured Redskins Jordan Reed and Chris Thompson. Griffin pulled away from his teammates to finish first on each rep.

“I feel comfortable sprinting now,” Griffin said. “I always joke with those guys, ‘I’m not going to race you today.’ And then we all end up racing. …You saw us pick it up on those last three.”

The next phase for Griffin will be cutting, and that’s set to begin next week.

“It’s not that I go cut for two days and I’m ready to go,” he explained. “It’s a month of just doing cutting drills, change of direction, that way I can train my body for that.”

He added: “After that, it’s just everything over and over. I’ll continue to work out in the weight room and continue to keep sprinting and just get more and more comfortable. And what ever I feel I have a deficiency at, I’ll make sure I’ll fix that.”

Griffin also said he’ll even continue to rehab while on his honeymoon. The quarterback is scheduled to marry his fiancée, Rebecca Liddicoat, on July 6, according to reports.

“I’m planning ahead of time to make sure that I do the things I have to while I’m on that honeymoon,” Griffin said. “I think I’m a responsible guy, so I’ll make sure I do everything I have to [in order] to be ready, cutting, running and working out so when I get back and they see me that they’ll not only be impressed but they’ll feel safe and sound to put me out there.”