RG3 plays it safe with his brackets

RG3 plays it safe with his brackets
March 21, 2013, 12:30 pm
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Robert Griffin III is well known for his willingness to push the envelope and take chances out of the football field.

He does not show those same instincts when it comes to filling out his NCAA basketball tournament brackets.

When you’re a star, everyone gets to see your brackets so the Redskins scanned RG3’s handwritten sheet and posted it on Redskins.com. And it’s pretty much to form.

As best I can tell (hard to be sure with the handwriting), Griffin doesn’t pick a single double-digit seed to win in the first round, not even the sure-thing 5-12 upset. His Elite Eight has some mild surprises in the South bracket with the 4th-seeded Michigan beating 3rd-seeded Florida. But his other three regional finals feature the one seeds vs. the two seeds.

His ultimate national champion is Miami, so he does put down the chalk for that one rather than going with one of the favorites like Louisville or Indiana.

Well, far be it from me to take shots at anyone else’s brackets since mine are usually in shambles by sometime Friday afternoon. We’ll see how playing it safe works out for RG3 with his picks.