RG3 'not afraid' that he won't be ready

RG3 'not afraid' that he won't be ready
March 27, 2013, 2:00 pm
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A day after ESPN’s Trey Wingo relayed an injury update from Robert Griffin III, the Redskins’ quarterback offered a follow up.

“I’m not afraid I won’t be ready,” Griffin sent via text to Wingo, who then posted the update on his Twitter page Wednesday afternoon. “If anything I agree with Dr Andrews that I will be ready.”

In his latest message, Griffin seems to be attempting to clarify any misunderstanding that his message 24 hours earlier to Wingo might have created regarding a timeline for his recovery.

On Tuesday, Griffin told Wingo, a fellow Baylor alum and host of NFL Live, in a text message that his “goal is to return healthy in week one but if I'm not ready then i will wait until i am, however long that is.”