RG3: 'I've been hit a bunch the past two games'

RG3: 'I've been hit a bunch the past two games'
November 13, 2013, 5:45 pm
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By the end of last week’s game in Minneapolis, Robert Griffin III was bruised and battered. The Redskins’ quarterback had been sacked four times by the Vikings and hit—hard—on at least eight occasions.

“We don’t want that to happen," Griffin said on Wednesday at Redskins Park. "I know I don’t want that to happen, the coaches don’t want that to happen, the players around me don’t want that to happen and we just have got to do a better job of making sure that doesn’t happen.” 

If it sounds like he was blaming the pounding he absorbed totally on his protection, he wasn’t. The offensive line's spotty performance, of course, played a role. But Griffin was also critical of himself for not doing a better job of avoiding some collisions.

I have to “take it upon myself to get down earlier,” he said. “I got two good shots there in the game that I can avoid, [and I have to] take it on my part to make sure that doesn’t happen. [We] just got to improve there and make sure we keep our quarterback upright. It takes all of us. So, yeah, I’ve been hit a bunch the past two games and everyone knows it but we just have to move one.”

Griffin didn’t specify the two “shots” he was referring to, but he was likely referring to the hit safety Andrew Sandejo laid on him at the end of a designed run and the diving play at the goal line that resulted in a stiff hit to his back from Chad Greenway.

Asked if he would avoid that goal line hit next time, Griffin said: “It’s tough, man. If I’m put in that situation again…I think, yeah, maybe I will slide. All those situations are different. If had not slipped, I probably wouldn’t got in. But once I did slip, it was probably best for me to just get down and avoid that hit.”

Griffin said he doesn't think about the pounding he takes week in and week out and whether that will shorten his career. But he acknowledged that others do.

"I don't think about it," he said. "I think a lot of people do. It comes down to you've got to take it week-to-week and not really worry about the years down the road. ...You have the future in mind, but you're still competitive on that day. The bottom line is i just can't be taking those amount of hits in any of those games or any games in my career. You con't want to be hit that much and a lot of the great quarterbacks don't get hit that much. A lot of things go into that and you've got to get better."