RG3: 'I feel good, great actually'

RG3: 'I feel good, great actually'
October 9, 2013, 5:15 pm
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RGIII: "We've just got to win the division. Period."

After spending five days away from Redskins Park during the bye, Robert Griffin III returned this week refreshed, both mentally and physically.

“I feel good, great actually, rejuvenated,” Griffin said after practice Wednesday. “Everyone’s got a lot more energy coming off the bye week. Just ready to do what we know we have to do. As a team, we’re all just moving on from those first four weeks.”

“We didn’t play like we know we can play,” he added. “So we just have to get back to doing us. And that’s kind of the approach I took, as well, over the bye, just relax my mind and get back to being myself.”

The Redskins opened the season 0-3 before earning their first victory in Oakland a week and a half ago. Griffin acknowledged that he didn’t play up to his “standards” in the season-opening loss to the Eagles but believes the offense has made strides in each subsequent game, regardless of the final result. 

“The way I played that first game, it was not up to my standards or up to our standards as a team in general,” Griffin said. “That was disappointing. But when it comes to timing … sometimes you might be a little bit off coming back from an injury like I had. You have to work through those growing pains. We didn’t think it wasn’t going to be what it ended up being those first couple of games. That’s no excuse at all. You just got to move on from that and be better." 

Indeed, with each passing game, Griffin appears to be getting more comfortable, his surgically repaired right knee less of an issue. Against the Lions, he completed 64-percent of his passes and carried the ball six times for a season-high 37 yards. A week later in Oakland, Griffin only rushed three times, but he certainly looked more confident, particularly as he eluded pressure.

“The more time you have after [the surgery],” he said, “the better it will be.”

Griffin also said he does not regret his decision to start Week 1, just eight months after have his knee reconstructed. After all, he added, there was no other way in his mind.

“The only way to come back from an injury like that is to play,” Griffin said. “And that’s what we had to do. I feel good from a groundwork standpoint, building up each game. But now it’s time for us to make that breakthrough, and we have to do it.”