RG3 hopes to play Sunday

RG3 hopes to play Sunday
December 12, 2012, 2:15 pm
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Robert Griffin III joined his teammates on the practice field in Ashburn, Va., on Wednesday, only three days after the Redskins quarterback suffering a serious-looking knee injury against the Ravens.

Griffin was diagnosed with a Grade 1 sprain of the LCL in his right knee, raising questions about his ability to suit up Sunday in Cleveland. Griffin, however, expressed optimism following the two-hour session.

“A lot better,” he said. “It’s gotten better every day, which is a positive sign for me. Sunday night I thought there was probably no chance that I could play the next week. Monday morning I felt better about it. Yesterday, I felt better about it. And today, I feel really good about it. It just depends on whether I continue to progress the way that I am.”

During the portion of practice that reporters are permitted to observe, Griffin stretched alongside his teammates, appearing at ease as he performed leg lifts, knee raises, squats and shuffle steps. The rookie standout also looked relatively comfortable as he planted his right foot and threw passes to teammates during individual drills.

The media is not allowed to watch the more strenuous team drills.

“I did enough,” he said of the part reporters can't watch. “I did enough to give myself the confidence to push it tomorrow and on Friday. It’s just about getting confidence back in it. And I plan on getting confidence back in it relatively quickly.”

Asked point blank if he expects to play against the Browns, Griffin said: “I can’t ya’ll that. First, I don’t want to give the Cleveland Browns a competitive advantage. And I don’t want to let anyone down. So I don’t want to say that I’ll be playing, and then end up not playing.”