RG3: Goal still is to start Week 1

RG3: Goal still is to start Week 1
May 23, 2013, 1:15 pm
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RG3: I'm not going to risk my career to play in one game

For months, the Redskins and team doctors have been describing Robert Griffin III as being "ahead of schedule."

On Thursday, the world got to see just how far ahead.

Wearing a helmet and a heavy-duty brace on his right knee, Griffin, less than five months removed from having the ACL, LCL and meniscus repaired in his right knee, dropped back, planted his foot and fired dozens of passes (many to tight end Fred Davis). He even did some straight-line running at a decent pace and participated in agility drills. 

Griffin did not participate in team drills. Instead, he worked exclusively with the other Redskins who are recovering from offseason surgeries like Fred Davis and Roy Helu Jr., to name a few.

It was still mildly surprising given the severity of the injury.

“The knee feels great,” Griffin said afterward, making his first comments to local reporters in a press conference setting since Jan. 6.  “I’m able to do all the stuff out there without any hesitation. That’s the best part about it. I’m excited about that. It’s all about having that confidence.”

So what’s next for Griffin? Explosive sprinting and cutting.

“Those are the only two things left being at 4 ½ months out,” Griffin said. “Like I said, I am a little bit ahead. As far the explosive sprinting, that’s in the next couple of weeks. And then the cutting is a couple of weeks after that.”

As strong and ready as Griffin feels now, he knows there’s still a long way to go. And because of that, he said it’s too early to put a concrete timetable on his return to action.

But there's no doubt in his mind when he wants to return.

“My goal is to be out there for training camp,” he said. “Do I need to practice every day? Probably not. That’s for Coach [Mike Shanahan] to decide. As far as the season goes, I know everyone has seen the commercials and the statement, ‘All in for Week 1.’ And I stand behind that. I want to be ready for Week 1. That’s my goal. As soon as I woke up out of surgery, I put the date of the first game in my phone and that was the passcode on my phone for a month.”

“But once again,” he added, “I’m not going to risk my career to play in one game. Yeah, I’m definitely ‘All in for Week 1’. But I’m also all in for my career as well.”

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