RG3 explains comments on penalties

RG3 explains comments on penalties
October 18, 2013, 10:30 pm
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RGIII: "Too much character on this team to fold."

Redskins Post Game Live

Robert Griffin III spoke with Redskins.com on Friday to further explain comments he made earlier in the week to the media about taking late hit penalties while running out of bounds. 

RG3 feels he was misinterpreted, that he was purposely trying to bait opponents into committing the penalties. He wants to make it clear that's not the case.

“Some people think I’m aiming to draw penalties and that’s not what I said. I was asked about the hits on the sideline and the guys not being afraid to take the 15 yards for unnecessary roughness."

One of the penalties was against Dallas on Sunday night when safety Barry Church drew a flag for a late hit.

“I told them that against the Cowboys, I was just trying to run out of bounds and some guy hit me. Some guys will take that, some guys don’t really care. It’s just up in the air," Griffin III said.

“Some guys will take the penalty and some won’t take the penalty. You’ve got to use the sideline as your friend. I’m not using the sideline to try and get penalties.”

To see RG3's original comments about the penalties, check out Rich Tandler's article from Thursday.