RG3 congratulates McNabb for honors

RG3 congratulates McNabb for honors
September 20, 2013, 9:15 am
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Donovan McNabb and Robert Griffin III have a checkered history. In the past, the two have squabbled over what role RG3 should play for the Redskins, with advertisers, and a potential sit-down meeting.

But Thursday night in Philadelphia, the Eagles honored McNabb for his playing career with the team. While an Eagle, McNabb took the team to five straight NFC Championships and one Super Bowl appearance.

Griffin took notice.

If Griffin's tweet seemed like an olive branch between the two, perhaps it was. McNabb was towards the forefront of a new generation of African American quarterbacks, a position that for many years seemed to lock out African American players. It appears Griffin understands and appreciates that.

Reading much beyond the tweet may be a reach. Regardless, the public congratulations for McNabb from RG3 seems lightyears from the last time the two had public discourse.

When McNabb previously spoke of Griffin, the retired quarterback suggested the Redskins were "brainwashing" Griffin. RG3 responded unkind, unsurprisingly, saying that he didn't think McNabb was "an idiot" but that he was not interested in talking with McNabb.

Throughout the quarrel, many wondered what role McNabb's one season in Washington played. Redskins coach Mike Shanahan traded for McNabb his first season in D.C. in 2010, though it didn't take long for the quarterback and the coach to not get along. McNabb was famously benched in favor of backup Rex Grossman late in a game against the Detroit Lions, the beginning of a very public feud between coach and quarterback.

McNabb's time in Washington did not end well, with the team trading the quarterback to the Minnesota Vikings for a sixth round draft pick. When McNabb speaks ill of the Redskins, at times it's hard to separate a respected former Pro Bowl quarterback's comments from a player with a particularly sour feeling towards the Redskins organzition.

Maybe RG3's tweet will help to change that.