RG3 is angry about being benched unless he isn't

RG3 is angry about being benched unless he isn't
December 13, 2013, 10:15 am
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Robert Griffin III will not play any more this year no matter what.

Even if Kirk Cousins gets hurt and Rex Grossman goes down, Griffin will not play another snap for the rest of the season, according to Mike Shanahan.

“If somebody would get injured in the next two games, we would probably bring somebody back on our football team where we wouldn’t have to put Robert in that situation,” Shanahan said on Thursday.

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“That situation” as in playing football. You know, that sport that Griffin is paid millions to play?

Depending on who you want to believe, Griffin is either “extremely angry” about being benched or he is “disappointed” but accepting of the decision.

The former report comes from Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network and it fits the narrative that Griffin is still a petulant child who will get angry when things don’t go his way. The other one comes from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk and it paints a better, more mature picture of the young quarterback.

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The message here is reader beware. We are getting hit with alternate versions of “reality” here. We get a story like the one from the NFL Network that shines a good light on Shanahan and casts the blame for the team’s current problems on Griffin and Dan Snyder. And then there are articles like this one from Jason LaCanfora of CBS that says that the Redskins’ problems are mostly a Shanahan production.

Shanahan got the keys to the franchise, and if he happened to bounce it off Albert Haynesworth's belly and right through Donovan McNabb's aging lungs (lacking in cardio-vascular endurance, if you recall) and over Griffin's surgically repaired knee and plow it into a 24-37 ditch, spotted with dubious trades and busted draft picks and a roster still full of holes, make no mistake, he was at the wheel the entire time, with Kyle riding shotgun.  

What it amounts to sometimes is someone involved with the team planting a story with a reporter or columnist who goes with it to return the favor for information the source has given out in the past or will give out in the future. Not saying that is what happened in any of the articles discussed here but it is a dynamic that often takes place.

The best thing to do is read articles from different points of view, even if you don’t like what all of them say. You can then formulate your own, informed opinion.

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