Rex Ryan may be done in NY, is he a fit for the Redskins?

Rex Ryan may be done in NY, is he a fit for the Redskins?
December 17, 2013, 8:45 am
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Is Rex Ryan done in New York?

Rich Cimini, ESPN’s Jets reporter, thinks he might be. The Jets were officially eliminated from the playoffs last night when the Ravens beat the Lions. This is the third straight year that Ryan’s team has missed out. And the last Jets coach to survive three straight years without a playoff berth was Walt Michaels, who went from 1977-1980 with no playoff appearances.

“I'm not saying Ryan is doomed,” Cimini wrote. “But when you throw in the possibility of general manager John Idzik looking to put his stamp on the team ... well, it puts Ryan in a tough spot.”

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If that “tough spot” turns into a pink slip, would Ryan be a good fit if there is an opening in Washington?

It’s not as though the Jets have suffered nothing but failure under Ryan. In his first two years on the job in New York the team went to the AFC title game, winning four playoff games on the road in the process. Overall he is 40-37, a superior winning percentage to the regime currently in place in Washington.

Ryan fills the bill in Washington in terms of being a big name and his big personality would keep the Redskins in the headlines for perhaps (mostly) the right reasons. And his specialty is on the defensive side of the ball, an area where the Redskins sorely need some help.

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This is all premature, of course. The Redskins still have Mike Shanahan on the job and Ryan is still under contract to the Jets. But keep an eye on the situation as events unfold over the coming weeks.