Report refutes allegations concerning RG3, father

Report refutes allegations concerning RG3, father
December 18, 2013, 9:30 am
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Is competition good for RG3?

The spin cycle continues.

Less than 12 hours after a Bleacher Report story that said that Robert Griffin III is stubborn and that his father Robert Griffin Jr. is meddlesome, another report with flat denials of all of the key assertions in that article has hit the Internet.

The lead narrative in the Bleacher Report post told of Griffin essentially ignoring advice from his position coach during a game. “Multiple sources denied the claim that Griffin had blown off the input of quarterbacks coach Matt LaFleur after the assistant pointed out sloppy footwork following an incomplete pass,” wrote Mike Jones of the Washington Post. “Two said that LaFleur spends games in the coaches booth and that coaches reserve technique coaching for practices and not games.”

That part of Jason Cole’s article had already come into some question. The original version of the report had LaFleur giving Griffin the advice on the sideline. When it was noted that LaFleur always coaches from the booth, the article was revised to say that the exchange between the coach and quarterback took place over the sideline phone.

Team sources also “refuted the notion that the father had tried to meddle in the affairs of the team”. There was one well-documented locker room visit by the elder Griffin after the Redskins’ Monday night loss to the 49ers. But according to the reporter Griffin Jr. rarely comes to Redskins Park and all year he attended one training camp practice and none at the team facility.

Coles article also said that Griffin Jr. was a “stage dad” when the player was at Baylor, coming into the locker room before games to stretch his son. This prompted David Smoak, a radio host in Waco, Texas who covers Baylor, to chime in via Twitter. He said he asked Baylor coach Art Briles about the report and Briles’ response was, "That's so ridiculous it doesn't warrant a response."

Jones was down the middle in his report on the Post website but he was more candid on Twitter. Noting that Smoak and other reporters got denials from multiple sources, the said that the Cole article was a “pretty obvious smear job”.