Report: Redskins, Jackson 'moving closer' to deal

Report: Redskins, Jackson 'moving closer' to deal
April 1, 2014, 10:00 am
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The Redskins and DeSean Jackson are inching closer to a deal but they apparently aren't there yet.

ESPN is reporting that the team and the free agent wide receiver “appear to be moving closer” to a contract agreement.

Jackson arrived last night and had dinner with Jay Gruden and some other coaches and then went to a club with DeAngelo Hall and Pierre Garçon. There were reports that he would have breakfast with Redskins officials this morning.

There were reports last night that the contract was a “done deal”. That was followed by other reports saying that it wasn’t. So we have a battle of competing leaks going on.

And looking at the wording of that most recent ESPN report, “appear to be moving closer” really doesn’t say a whole lot except that the sides are talking.

It’s important to remember that there really in no such thing as being “close” to a deal. Either there is a signed deal in place or there isn’t one. As of right now, there isn’t one. Stay tuned and keep checking back here and we’ll let you  know if and when there is one. 

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