Report: Redskins could take NFL to court over cap penalty

Report: Redskins could take NFL to court over cap penalty
February 25, 2013, 4:15 pm
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Perhaps the Redskins are going to do more than try to talk NFL into restoring some of their cap room.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Redskins have told some around the league that they may go to court later this week to seek an injunction that would hold up the start of free agency if their cap space isn’t restored. They are losing $18 million in salary cap space for the second straight year after the league determined that they manipulated contracts during the 2010 league year, when there was no salary cap, in order to gain an unfair competitive advantage.

According to the report, some people familiar with the case believe that the Redskins have “compelling arguments” that could lead to a judge granting an injunction. Many others, however, believe that any case that the Redskins might make has already been made and rejected.

Going to court can be a messy affair, especially when suing the league of which you are a member. Perhaps the Redskins hope that the league will make concessions and return all or part of their cap penalty nullified.