Report: Redskins asking for a second-rounder for Cousins

Report: Redskins asking for a second-rounder for Cousins
February 19, 2014, 1:45 pm
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The Redskins have let their asking price for Kick Cousins be known.

Citing a team source, Mark Maske of the Washington Post is reporting that the Redskins would want a second-round pick in exchange for Cousins, their backup quarterback for the past two seasons.

General manager Bruce Allen can’t exactly go on the air and announce their asking price for obvious reasons. The next best thing is to let a reporter get the word out for you. Now any other GM who might want to pick up the phone knows what the Redskins’ starting point in negotiations will be.

And it appears that asking for a second-rounder is just that, a starting point, a preliminary offer. According to Maske’s report “it also is not known if Redskins officials will remain adamant about wanting to receive a second-round choice for Cousins or if the team ultimately might be willing to part with him for a lesser compensation package.”

In other words, like most deals in the business world, it’s negotiable. There is likely a point that is less than a second-rounder where they would be willing to part with Cousins and find a new backup quarterback. There is also a point where the best offer they get for him isn’t enough to make them want to part with Cousins’ services.