Redskins' roster a player short today

Redskins' roster a player short today
December 22, 2013, 9:45 am
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The Redskins will go into today’s game against the Cowboys one player short on the 53-man roster.

They put rookie tight end Jordan Reed on injured reserve on Thursday, giving them 52 players on the roster. The team did not add anyone before the Saturday 4 p.m. deadline for transactions so they will go into the game with an open roster spot.

Of course, this will not have any impact on the game. The Redskins will still be able to dress healthy 46 players for the game so they will just have six inactive players instead of seven. Reed has been inactive for the last four games so the status quo is maintained.

Often teams will sign a young player either from their practice squad or from another team’s practice squad when a roster spot comes open late in the season. If the player has fewer than four accrued NFL seasons, the signing team will retain that player’s rights for at least the next season. It’s a good way to stockpile a few players for the future.

But it also costs some money. Signing a first-year player to the open spot would cost the Redskins a little over $28,000, the weekly minimum salary for such players.