Redskins' rookie Amerson aims to finish strong

Redskins' rookie Amerson aims to finish strong
December 7, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Haslett thinks Amerson will be better player

Three-quarters through his rookie season, David Amerson says he’s pleased with the progress he's made.  

But don’t take that to mean he’s satisfied. He’s far from it, in fact.

“The main thing in the last four weeks,” Amerson said Friday at Redskins Park, “is just being consistent. Be consistent with everything. Whether it’s technique or having my eyes in the right place or reading the right keys. I want to be consistent and end my rookie season the right way.”

Like most cornerbacks just out of college, Amerson has endured his fair share of mistakes as he learns one of the game’s most complex positions on the fly. But lately, he noted, the miscues are becoming fewer and farther between for a couple of reasons: he’s learned to prepared more effectively in the classroom and the speed of the game on Sundays has slowed down. A lot.

“This whole season, being on the field, getting that experience, making mistakes out there and learning from them, all of that has helped me grow,” he said. “I feel like right now, I’m probably at the best of my game. Going into these last four games, and going into next year, I feel like I’ll be a better player.”

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Amerson’s stats, meantime, compare favorably to his peers’.

He’s sixth among all NFL rookies in interceptions (2) and one of only five to have returned a pick for a touchdown. The North Carolina State product is also tied for fourth in passes defended (10). Only Kansas City’s Marcus Cooper, Atlanta’s Desmond Trufant and San Francisco’s Eric Reid have defended more.

“I think he’s grown immeasurably from the first game,” defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said. “He’s going to get better and better. People forget he [turns 22 on Sunday]. He’s still a youngster. The guy has great length, ball skills, good speed and he's competitive."

Haslett added: “The longer he’s in this. …This first year was a great learning experience for him. Next year when he comes back you’re going to see an even better player.”

Amerson also anticipates that the coming offseason will be a springboard for a strong sophomore campaign.

“You definitely know what to expect coming into your second season,” he said. “You can prepare your body. You know how guys play. You know how physical it is. Like I said, it’s all about that experience. You just know a lot more. You can better prepare yourself compared to being a rookie, just coming out of college and not knowing what to expect. It’s a totally different mindset.”

But before he gets to the offseason, he says he’s got some unfinished business to take handle. 

“The playoffs are out of the question right now,” he said. “But we can still go out there, compete for pride and get yourself better for next season.”

And maybe snag another interception or two?

“Oh yeah, definitely,” he said with a big grin. “That’s a goal for me every game. I always want get my hands on the ball somehow.”