Redskins' RG3: 'We are not a fragmented team'

Redskins' RG3: 'We are not a fragmented team'
December 4, 2013, 5:30 pm
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Despite the team’s 3-9 record, seeming endless controversy, and web chatter to the contrary, the Washington Redskins are a united team, according to quarterback Robert Griffin III.

Griffin was asked what the biggest misconception about the team is among fans and the media.

“Just the fragmented team. We’re not,” he said. “We’re not a fragmented team. We’re all sticking together. Everybody understands what we’ve got to do these next four games and that’s the bottom line. You know, just all the false stories that keep coming out. It’s just one thing after another, day after day. Guys still have to continue to change the channel and not listen to any of that stuff and block it out.”

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Among the “stuff” that has been out there about the team’s unity has been some talking about how infrequently the Redskins’ linemen help up Griffin after he gets sacked or knocked down. That, they say, must mean that there is some sort of rift between Griffin and the offensive line.

Griffin addressed the issue last week, saying, “There are no problems here”. But the speculation has persisted and apparently was still on Griffin’s mind, despite efforts to “block it out”.

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