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Redskins respect Foles' ability


Redskins respect Foles' ability

Although Redskins’ defenders don’t know much about Nick Foles, they are sure of this: they can’t afford to let their guard down simply because the Eagles’ rookie will be making his first NFL start on Sunday.

“This kid is in this league for a reason,” cornerback DeAngelo Hall said. “Our coaches coached him in the Senior Bowl and they definitely told us the kid can make every throw. We have to go out there and treat him like the NFL caliber quarterback he is.”

Foles was indeed coached by Mike Shanahan and his staff at the Senior Bowl in January. But they don't have much game film on the 6 foot 6, 243-pound former Arizona signal caller since he was drafted by the Eagles in the third round of this year’s draft. 

They’ve got his two preseason starts and the two-plus quarters he played Sunday after replacing starter Michael Vick, who is not expected to be available after suffered a concussion in the Eagles' 38-23 loss to the Cowboys, their fifth setback in a row.

That's it. 

“That’s what makes it so tough to prepare for a guy like that – you don’t have a lot of film on him,” linebacker Ryan Kerrigan said. “He’s a guy that runs their offense very well. You can see that from the preseason games we’ve watched and from the last couple of quarters from Dallas game.”

Foles was 22 of 32 for 219 yards with a touchdown and an interception in his first NFL action. He was also sacked twice.

Kerrigan said he also suspects Eagles Coach Andy Reid will lean on running back LeSean McCoy to take some of the pressure off of Foles. McCoy ranks 10th in rushing yards with 705.

“Their skill players are still the same,” Kerrigan said. “And they have one of the best skill player groups in the NFL. We have a challenge in front of us no matter who is at quarterback.”

Defensive lineman Kedric Golston said the key to containing Foles will be playing “assignment football” as opposed to relying on a scouting report.

“He seems like a kid that is very smart, poised and can make all the throws,” Golston said. “You just go out there and play assignment football. You don’t know what he likes to do. You don’t know what his favorite throw is. You don’t know which receivers he likes. So play fundamental football and allow your technique to take you where you need to be.” 

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Did DeSean Jackson take a shot at Redskins' offense on Instagram?

Did DeSean Jackson take a shot at Redskins' offense on Instagram?

DeSean Jackson's stats from the past four games look like numbers that a block first, catch second tight end would post, not numbers that one of the NFL's most premier receiving talents would have. But, for a combination of a few reasons, the electric wideout has been unplugged since Week 3.

In Sunday's loss against the Lions, Jackson caught five balls for 35 yards, good for seven yards per catch. On most days, his average reception goes for double that, and pretty often, he's good for triple that.

Therefore, you would expect that No. 11 would be a little frustrated with how things have gone as of late, especially considering that he's in a contract year. That's why this picture on Instagram, which Jackson put up Sunday evening, could be interpreted as a showing of displeasure with his role in Washington's offense since a 96-yard performance in New York: 

I'm tellin ya ' 🤔

A photo posted by Desean Jackson (@0ne0fone) on

For the year, DJax has one score, and since September 25, he hasn't topped five grabs or 55 yards. Some questions as to why they can't get him the ball on anything more than some short comebacks or shallow crossers should be expected this week.


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Redskins' loss leaves them in a muddled situation

Redskins' loss leaves them in a muddled situation

DETROIT—With 1:05 left to play against the Lions the Redskins were in position to pull within a half game of the NFC East lead.

But a Matthew Stafford miracle drive later they find themselves tied for last place in the division.

Life comes at you fast in the NFC East. The last-place Giants, who started the day in last place, were up first on Sunday. They picked off Case Keenum four times in a 17-10 win over the perpetually mediocre Rams.

While the Redskins were battling it out with the Giants, the Eagles were putting the first mark this season in the Vikings’ loss column. It was a sloppy game, with the team committing a combined five turnovers in the first 10 minutes of play. But ultimately the Eagles persevered and won 21-10.

The Cowboys watched all of this unfold while they were on their bye. They were guaranteed to remain in first place at 5-1 regardless of what happened. They are trailed by three teams with four wins each. The Eagles have had their bye so they are in second at 4-2. Both the Giants and Redskins are 4-3. New York is off this week and Washington’s bye comes after their trip to London this week. Some would say that the Redskins are ahead of New York due to their head-to-head win over the Giants. But that tiebreaker won’t really be set until the teams settle it at FedEx Field on January 1. Only a head-to-head sweep matters.

A win would have made the Redskins the only five-win team not leading a division, a good spot when it comes to getting a wild card if they can't stop the Cowboys. But reality is that they are one of five four-win teams and if the season ended today they would be out of the playoffs. The good news is that the season isn't even halfway over. 

One aspect of the Redskins’ loss on Sunday could potentially come back to bite them. When you look across the divisions at the wild card playoff race you see the Lions also have a 4-3 record now. But Detroit holds the tiebreaker now with the head-to-head win. There is plenty of time for things to play out but that could come back to bite the Redskins in terms of either playoff seeding or making the postseason at all.