Redskins' Reed expects to make tough catches

Redskins' Reed expects to make tough catches
August 15, 2013, 11:15 am
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RICHMOND—When Robert Griffin III was in the lineup taking snaps in 11 on 11 situations for the first time since training camp began, all eyes were on No. 10. But someone else made a play that demanded some attention.

One of Griffin’s passes went deep down the left sideline toward tight end Jordan Reed. The rookie turned one way and then turned the other as he attempted to track the ball. He found it, lunged a little and hauled in Griffin’s pass.

It was all kind of a blur to Reed. “I was running straight and the ball was kind of over my left shoulder more than I judged at first and then I kind of had to adjust to it,” he said. “I don't really remember everything while it was happening.”

The circus catch drew quite a reaction from the crowd at the Bon Secours training center and some ooh’s and aah’s from the media. But it didn’t generate much feedback from Griffin.

“He didn't say nothing,” said Reed. “I think he expects that from me so I've got to make those kinds of catches.”

If Reed keeps making “those kinds of catches” it won’t be long before he starts drawing reactions from people everywhere, including the quarterback.