Redskins O-line becoming a weak link

Redskins O-line becoming a weak link
November 26, 2013, 10:45 am
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Redskins 'didn't show up' against 49ers

After holding its own for the first half of the season, the Redskins’ offensive line has suddenly become a weak link.

Going into the Minnesota game, the Redskins were among the better teams in the league when it came to giving up sacks with just 14 on their ledger through the first nine games. But now they have given up 12 in their last three games and Robert Griffin III has had to run for his life on many other occasions.

At least the line had been able to hang their hats on the running game after they ran for identical totals of 191 yards against the Vikings and Eagles. But that came apart last night. They rushed for just 100 yards, averaging 3.7 yards per carry. Going into the game, Alfred Morris had a chance to take the NFL rushing lead but he gained just 52 yards on 14 carries.

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Mike Shanahan said that the 49ers were “the toughest defense we’ve gone against this year” and called them a “great defense”. Well, they’re pretty good but the numbers don’t really bear out such high praise.

The 49ers were 12th in the league in rushing yards coming into the game and 10th in yards per carry against them. Those are solid numbers but hardly “great”. And San Francisco came into the game with just 21 sacks, four fewer than the Redskins had. The Redskins have played eight games with teams that have more sacks to their credit.

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