Redskins need to balance roster

Redskins need to balance roster
April 30, 2013, 12:45 pm
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We’re going to take a close look at the depth charts on both offense and defense over the next couple of days. The Redskins are in the process of signing undrafted players so let’s take a quick look at where they need help and where they may have to trim back some personnel.

They have 10 roster spots to fill to bring the team up to the limit of 90. Here are how many they have at each position currently and how many the carried into OTA’s a year ago:

Current2012 OTA'sDifference
Running back1082
Tight End56(1)
Wide receiver612(6)
Inside LB48(4)
Outside LB862

Note: As no undrafted free agent signings have been announced by the team, none are included in the counts here.

Positive numbers mean that they have more players at the position than they had last year; negative numbers mean that they will be looking to add players in order to balance the roster.

The numbers from 2012 are not set in stone. Different circumstances may cause them to vary the number of players they carry. For example, Adam Carriker is unlikely to participate in OTA’s as he is still recovering from the torn quad he suffered last September. That might prompt them to keep the extra D-lineman and cut back elsewhere. But when OTA’s start three weeks from today the distribution is likely to be fairly close to what it was a year ago.

The thing that jumps out at you is the wide receivers. They like to have a lot of them around and they haven’t drafted one or added one by other means since the season ended. They’ll bring in a minimum of four more.

Inside linebackers are also a glaring need. London Fletcher is recovering from surgery and his participation is likely to be very limited so they need to bolster the ranks there as well.

The offensive line needs some rotational bodies as well. They like to have three full units, more for the rigors of training camp than for the non-contact environment of OTA’s.

It just so happens that the needs and the “excess” players net out to them needed 10 players, the number of open roster spots they have. There are likely to be more moves as players will be added and dropped over the next few weeks in preparation for OTA’s.