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Redskins getting desperate


Redskins getting desperate

With the Redskins coming off a humbling loss in Pittsburgh and in desperate need of a victory, there was a palpable sense of urgency Wednesday in Ashburn.

“We’ve had a chance to win some games that we haven’t,” Coach Mike Shanahan said. “So our backs are against the wall right now. We’ve got to find a way to win this game before our break. The only way we’re going to enjoy the week off is to win the game. Anything less than that, it won’t be enjoyable.”

After the Redskins (3-5) host Cam Newton and the Panthers(1-6), they don't play again until Nov. 18 against the Eagles.

Quarterback Robert Griffin III said practice was noticeably sharper -- for both units.

"I don't feel a greater pressure, but I know there is a sense of urgency," Griffin said. "I thought we had a good practice, both offense and defense. Guys just know, hey, we have to go out and get a win."

The rookie added: "Of course, everybody wants to go on a bye week, to get away and rest your mind and get ready for the second part of the season. But right now the biggest thing is making sure we come out with a win on Sunday."

Shanahan stopped short of calling it a must win, but acknowledged that a turnaround must begin at FedEx Field four days from now.

“You want to play your best football in November and December,” Shanahan said. “It’s a November game. Everybody talks about the ‘musts’ and all those types of things. Our backs are against the wall. So we’ll see how we step up and play. We know [the Panthers] are very, very disgusted as well. You’re going to find two football teams that are wanting to win.”

Asked if he’s worried his players may overlook the Panthers and ahead to the week off, Shanahan said: “Not where we we’re at.”

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Cousins confident but for now 'it's all just talk'

Cousins confident but for now 'it's all just talk'

RICHMOND—Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is ready to move on from all of the talk about how he and the Redskins offense will perform in 2016 and start to see it on the field.

“I think we're going to find out,” Cousins said when asked about where he is in the process of taking ownership of the starting quarterback job. “It's still so early in the development, we're still in the first day of camp in the preseason so we'll find out as we go.


“For right now it's all talk but there's no doubt that you have more comfort if you've played and have been the starter and have been out there and had experiences. What we went through last year has helped me having confidence going forward. Hopefully it translates into a great offense and a lot of production but it's just talk right now until we go out there and do it.”

Cousins started the 2015 season off slowly after being named the starter just two weeks prior to the start of the season.

But he came on strong in the last 10 games, throwing 23 touchdowns and three interceptions. If he takes another step forward the Redskins’ offense could be one of the best in the league.

But, as Cousins said, for now that’s just talk. We will see how it turns out when they start playing the games.



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Kirk Cousins happy with pay raise, won't have any complaints

Kirk Cousins happy with pay raise, won't have any complaints

RICHMOND — By now the story is almost tired.

Yes, the Redskins and Kirk Cousins could not come to a long-term agreement after the quarterback signed a one-year deal. Yes, the Redskins and Cousins did not even really come close to terms. But now, on the first day of training camp, the contract discussion can end.

Why? Cousins explained it best.


"I feel comfortable. I got a pretty good raise this year," Cousins said, referencing his  nearly $20 million salary for this season.

"Last year I was looking at a one year deal making a lot less than I'm making this year. I feel fine," he said.

Most important, Cousins made clear "you’re not going to hear any complaints from me."

On Wednesday Redskins coach Jay Gruden said he expected Cousins to be focsued solely on football, not contracts. Gruden's expectation came true with Cousins comments Thursday, which is good news for both. 

"In this league it’s one year at a time – whether you’re on a long-term deal, one-year deal or two-year deal," Cousins said. "I mean, I had a four-year deal as a rookie but it didn’t feel like a four-year deal, it felt like a one-day deal every single day I was here."

Gruden and Cousins showed a lot of potential as a duo in 2015, and the 'Skins hope to grow from last season's moderate success.

"We’ve got a long time until September 12 against the Steelers so we’ll just keep building until that day and trust that each day is a step in the right direction."



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Junior Galette willing to 'travel around the world' in order to avoid surgery

Junior Galette willing to 'travel around the world' in order to avoid surgery

Junior Galette has been here before.

The Redskins linebacker is once again facing a full season on the shelf thanks to a right Achilles injury he suffered just days before training camp

It is the same position Galette was in a season ago, when a left Achilles injury stopped him from ever taking the field with the Redskins.

But after having surgery in 2015, the former Temple Owl is willing to do whatever it takes to avoid having to undergo surgery again.


Other than investing in bionic legs or using duct tape (Both of which were suggested by Twitter users), there are not many options.

Galette could opt to forgo surgery in favor of letting it heal on its own, but immobilization is more likely to lead to another tear than surgery would. 

The immobilization process is not recommended for someone who is actively trying to return to professional sports, even if he has roughly a full calendar year to do so.

At 6-2, 256 pounds, Galette's Achilles tendon is of major importance, and allowing it to heal on its own may not be the best course of action, despite Galette not wanting to go the surgery route.

He could opt for the controversial method of stem cell therapy. Many NFL players have traveled abroad in the past to be injected with stem cells in order to speed up the recovery process. But typically stem cell therapy is used as an aid to surgery, not an alternative.

Nonetheless, the next month is going to be painful for Galette and not just because of his injured Achilles tendon.

He is going to have to make a difficult decision on his future all while watching his teammates getting ready for theirs without him.