Redskins get extra workout time

Redskins get extra workout time
January 13, 2014, 10:45 am
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As a team with a new head coach, the Redskins get some extra offseason work. That is something that everyone but the players involved will enjoy. The coaches always like seeing players on the field and fans and media enjoy some additional opportunities for coverage of the team during the long offseason.

Teams that don’t have a new head coach can start their workout programs no earlier than the third Monday in April. This year that day falls on the 21st. The Redskins will be able to start their program on the 7th.

The Redskins can hold one mandatory minicamp just as every other team can. When Mike Shanahan was here, they would hold theirs in mid-June and it would mark the end of the offseason program. Many other teams schedule their minicamps at the same time but others do it differently. The Bengals scheduled their mandatory minicamp then but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Jay Gruden will do so.

All teams can have a rookie minicamp. That is usually held sometime in the week or two after the draft. With the draft moving back from late April to May 8 this year, that will push the rookie camp back into mid-May.

Because of the new coach Gruden the Redskins get an extra veteran minicamp. It’s voluntary but one would think that the veterans would want to make a good impression on the new coach.

According to the CBA the voluntary minicamp must be scheduled after two weeks of the team’s workout program but prior to the draft. This means that the first Gruden minicamp can come the week starting either April 21 or April 28.

The schedule:

April 7: Offseason workouts can begin

April 21-May 2: Window for three-day voluntary veteran minicamp

May 8: NFL Draft

May 16-18: Likely dates for rookie minicamp