Redskins favored in just four 2012 games

Redskins favored in just four 2012 games
May 16, 2012, 12:40 pm
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Just in case youre headed to Las Vegas and you are a Redskins fan with some money burning a hole in your pocket, you can go to the Palms, Venetian, or Tropicana and plunk down some cash on the first 15 Redskins regular season games. One of the Vegas books has already established lines for NFL weeks 1-16.You cant bet the mortgage; at this point the limit is 2,000 per game. That is a little bit more than sheer recreational purposes which, of course, is what is recommended here.The wave of optimism that has accompanied the arrival of Robert Griffin III to Washington has not yet made its way to the desert out west. As of now, the Redskins are favored just four times, at home against the Bengals, Vikings, and Panthers and on the road in Cleveland. In addition, their Week 2 game in St. Louis is a pick em.Not sure why there are no Week 17 lines so we dont know the line in that Redskins-Cowboys game at FedEx Field to close the regular season. They can see about seven months plus a week into the future so why cant they see seven months and two weeks?Here are all of the Redskins way too early lines.WEEK 1
Washington Redskins (9.5) at New Orleans SaintsWEEK 2
Washington Redskins (PICK) at St. Louis RamsWEEK 3
Cincinnati Bengals (1.5) at Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins (1) at Tampa Bay BuccaneersWEEK 5
Atlanta Falcons (-1.5) at Washington Redskins
Minnesota Vikings (4) at Washington Redskins
Washington Redskins (7) at New York Giants
Washington Redskins (7) at Pittsburgh SteelersWEEK 9
Carolina Panthers (1) at Washington RedskinsWEEK 10
ByeWEEK 11
Philadelphia Eagles (-3.5) at Washington RedskinsWEEK 12
Washington Redskins (6) at Dallas CowboysWEEK 13
New York Giants (-2.5) at Washington RedskinsWEEK 14
Baltimore Ravens (-3.5) at Washington RedskinsWEEK 15
Washington Redskins (-1) at Cleveland BrownsWEEK 16
Washington Redskins (9) at Philadelphia Eagles