Redskins' Cousins: 'It was a relief'

Redskins' Cousins: 'It was a relief'
August 21, 2013, 12:45 pm
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Redskins need to be cautious with Griffin, Cousins

Kirk Cousins says his sprained right foot is improving but there’s a good chance he won’t play Saturday when the Redskins host the Bills in the third preseason game.

An MRI on Tuesday revealed that Cousins did not sustain any serious damage to the ligaments in the foot. The second year quarterback was injured against the Steelers when 234-pound linebacker Lawrence Timmons landed on his foot.

“It was a relief,” Cousins said Wednesday at Redskins Park. “When I first did it, I didn’t think it was too serious. But you never know. So it was encouraging to see the MRI and know that there isn’t anything more serious than a sprain.” 

Asked if he expects to be ready for the regular season opener Sept. 9, Cousins hinted that it’s too soon to know for sure.

“It’s hard to set a goal,” he said. “It’s day-to-day. I think the game this Saturday would be pushing it. But you never know [about facing the Bills], I’m not going to cancel anything out.” 

If the Redskins were playing a regular season game three days from now, Cousins said he would be inclined to do everything in his power to get ready. 

“Every day when I wake up and every day when I got to treatment, just see how it feels and go from there,” he said. “But at this time, in the preseason, the experience is valuable to go out there and play, but it’s also not worth risking being ready and available for later in the year when the games really do matter.”

Cousins added: “The balance between healing and wanting to play is what every athlete has to face. You have to judge the importance of each game. I had some injuries in college that I pushed through because we were playing for a Big Ten championship. Right now, in the preseason, it’s probably more important to rest and get healthy.” 

Cousins also said that he’s already started an “aggressive” treatment plan.

“I have good movement, not great,” he said. “Every day it’s going to get a little bit better.”

If Cousins does not play Saturday, third stringer Rex Grossman would likely get the start. 

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