Redskins coordinators indicate that the end is near

Redskins coordinators indicate that the end is near
December 26, 2013, 3:45 pm
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Haslett looks at experience with Redskins as 'positive'

Kyle Shanahan and Jim Haslett both talked to reporters today. The Redskins’ two coordinators recognized that the odds of them remaining in Washington were slim but they tried not to speak as though a change in the coaching regime was a done deed.

They tried, but they didn’t quite succeed. Each of them made a slip of the tongue that indicated that that he thought that the end is near.

Shanahan was asked about the experience of working with his father and he put it in the past tense. “It’s been a great experience being with him,” he said. “It’s something that I’m definitely glad that I had—or have had.”

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Haslett was talking about the future of the organization but he removed himself from it. “I do think they have the nucleus to have a good team,” he said.

Nobody on the outside knows for sure what is going to happen after the clock hits 0:00 at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. All we can do is read tea leaves. The coordinators’ responses seem to give a pretty good indication of where they are pointing.