Redskins bye week grades: Quarterback

Redskins bye week grades: Quarterback
October 3, 2013, 11:15 am
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What do Redskins think it will take to improve during bye week?

Tandler - Tarik

Bye week grades: Quarterback

At 1-3, a quarter of the Redskins’ season is already in the books. It’s not the start the reigning NFC East champions had envisioned, but given the sorry state of their division, all hope is not lost, either. As the team enters its Week 5 bye, the players are on hiatus but Insiders Tarik El-Bashir and Rich Tandler are grading the team position-by-position. Join the conversation in the comments below.

Robert Griffin III is on pace to pass for 1,600 yards more than he did last year, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. He also would throw 280 more passes to get there, and that’s not the Redskins’ game. Has he been efficient enough for the Redskins to get where they want to go?

Tandler: How you grade Griffin depends on what scale you want to use. In part because of the knee injury and in part because defensive coordinators had all offseason to plan on how to stop him, Griffin is not the transformative star he was in 2012. And should you consider the first two games, where he was clearly struggling, equally with the last two, where he was getting his game together? If you throw it all together, he’s been an above-average QB with a lot of room for improvement. Grade: B-

El-Bashir: Obviously, Griffin is not the breathtaking talent he was a season ago, although I suspect it’s possible he’ll begin to resemble the 2012 version as he gains more confidence in his surgically repaired knee. Currently, he ranks 13th in passing touchdowns (6) and 15th in completion percentage (62.4). More concerning, though, is the fact that he’s a dual-threat quarterback masquerading as pocket passer. In fact, 11 quarterbacks have more rushing yards than RG3, including Alex Smith and Christian Ponder. Sure, it’s probably the knee. But we don’t grade on a curve around here. Grade: C