Redskins 2013 season encapsulated in one number

Redskins 2013 season encapsulated in one number
February 10, 2014, 10:00 am
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I think that we all knew that the 2013 Redskins played badly all year long but I ran across a stat that puts in into focus just how bad their season was.

According to the number crunching division at Pro Football Focus, the Redskins took just 11 percent of their offensive snaps with the lead. That is the fewest in the NFL and it’s not close. Houston was second worst in the league at 20 percent.

Most Redskins fans got this feeling as the season unfolded. The team didn’t have a lead at all in their games at Green Bay, Dallas, and Philadelphia and in their home games against the 49ers and Chiefs. In several other games they led only briefly before falling behind and never catching up.

This was quite a contrast from their 2012 season when they took 40 percent of their snaps with the lead. The decline of 29 percentage points was the biggest in the NFL.