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Quick hits: DE battle over before it starts?


Quick hits: DE battle over before it starts?

Some quick hits to start off you Tuesday morning:Were going to have our camp preview on the defensive line and linebackers coming later today. I will say right now, though, that Im not sure that a battle for the starting right defensive end job, something Ive been previewing here much of the offseason, will take place. I think that Adam Carriker will start and Jarvis Jenkins will come off of the bench. That isnt necessarily because Carriker is better than Jenkins. I just think that they believe they will be able to take advantage of Jenkins versatility better if hes not starting.So Pete Prisco of CBSSports.com picked a score every NFL game for the coming season and he came up with a 3-13 record for the Redskins. As my friend @BurgundyBlog pointed out, Prisco has the Redskins scoring no more than 21 points in any game. They managed over 21 seven times in 2011. While rookie quarterbacks can be inconsistent, its difficult to see their offensive productivity plummeting with Robert Griffin III taking over for the 2011 RexBeck disaster.Training camp starts the day after tomorrow but if you plan on coming out be advised that they will not be wearing pads until Saturday. You can print out your training camp pass right here.In conjunction with the start of camp Ill be doing a chat on Thursday from 1-2 p.m. We can talk O-line, try to solve the secondary problems and maybe, just maybe, we can talk about that RG3 guy. Check back here for details.Days until: Training camp 2; preseason opener @ Bills 16; RG3 vs. Luck @FedEx Field 32; final cuts 39; Redskins @ Saints 47; home opener vs. Bengals 61

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The Sports Junkies on Odell Beckham Jr.: 'He's a wreck'

The Sports Junkies on Odell Beckham Jr.: 'He's a wreck'

On Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. caught seven passes for 121 yards against the Redskins. However, also on Sunday, Odell Beckham Jr. got into a fight — and lost — with a piece of sideline equipment, had to be calmed down by Eli Manning and, at one point, looked like he was in tears.

Following the contest, Giants head coach Ben McAdoo made some comments about Beckham needing to become less of a distraction. So, during their Wednesday show, the Sports Junkies gave their take on whether or not the star receiver's behavior was an issue.

To put it simply, they roughed him up like that piece of sideline equipment from MetLife Stadium. 

LURCH: Of course it was... How is it not? How is it not a distraction?

CAKES: He was fighting with the practice net. Of course it's a distraction.

LURCH: He was screaming at everybody on the Giants' sideline.

CAKES: He was crying on the sideline.

E.B.: Why is it always a receiver?

LURCH: That guy's a mess.

E.B.: It's always a receiver.

CAKES: Because they're high-strung divas.

LURCH: He's a wreck.

E.B.: Receivers are the worst.

LURCH: He's a great player, but man, what a wreck he is.

Watch the full segment in the video player above to fully digest the Junkies' disgust, unless you're a Giants fan.


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Redskins Stat Breakdown - Washington runs its way to victory over Giants

Redskins Stat Breakdown - Washington runs its way to victory over Giants

CSN has teamed up with The Edge Systems to provide the occasional statistical review of Redskins game film. The Edge is analytical football software currently being used by coaches in the NFL, SEC, ACC and the media, providing some of the fastest and best data in football.

Aftet two weeks of lip service from coaches and players about establishing the run, the Redskins finally commited to Matt Jones and the ground game in the team's first victory against the Giants. The 'Skins ran the ball 28 times (excluding victory formation plays late in the game) and Jones got the rock 17 times. With help from The Edge, let's examine what worked well in New York.

Compare the difference in the loss to the Cowboys and the win over the Giants. Against the Cowboys the 'Skins ran two types of runs: Zone (14 attempts) and Gap (1 Attempt). Against the Giants on Sunday, Washington kept the defense guessing with Gap runs (6 attempts), Draws (4 attempts), a Sweep (1 attempt) but still kept their identity as a Zone running team (17 attempts). See graph below.


While the other running styles may not have had as much success as Inside Zone and Outside Zone, the variety broke up the Zone running focus of previous games and allowed for much more success in the run game overall.


Most importantly for Jay Gruden and Sean McVay, the Redskins stayed committed to the run and that plan succeeded in the fourth quarter.

Let us know what you think of the data and charts from The Edge in the comments.