Predicting the Redskins' schedule

Predicting the Redskins' schedule
April 18, 2013, 9:30 pm
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It is foolish to try to predict the score of an NFL game an hour before it happens. It’s flat out crazy to try to call the games months before they are going to be played. But crazy never stopped me before, here are your results:

9/9 Monday night Eagles—Is Chip Kelly more Steve Spurrier or Jim Harbaugh? Maybe Harbaugh eventually but on this night he’ll look like the Ol’ Ballcoach. Redskins 31, Eagles 14; record 1-0

9/15 @ Packers—Assuming RG3 is healthy, the QB matchup will be the present in Aaron Rodgers against the future. The here and now prevails. Packers 27, Redskins 20; record 1-1

9/22 Lions—The Lions first played in Washington on November 14, 1943. The Redskins won 42-20. That was the first of 20 straight losses in Washington for the Lions including three playoff games. You can’t go against a 70-year trend. Redskins 31, Lions 28; record 2-1

9/29 @ Oakland—The Redskins get a home game before their one California trip of the year. This is a good year to get the Raiders as they dig their way out of salary cap hell. Redskins 42, Raiders 24; record 3-1

10/6 Bye—For the first time in recent memory, the Redskins will not be preseason underdogs vs. the bye.

10/13 Sunday night @ Cowboys—The Redskins still aren’t going to have the strongest pass defense going and Romo will have a field day. He may throw a few picks but Dallas will get its revenge for last Thanksgiving. Cowboys 38, Redskins 31; record 3-2

10/20 Bears—DeAngelo Hall picked off former Shanahan protégé Jay Cutler four times when the teams last met in Chicago. Doubt that happens again but the Redskins’ pass rush will get rolling against a rebuilding but still weak Bears O-line. Redskins 28, Bears 14; record 4-2

10/27 @ Broncos—Mike Shanahan would love to come out of here with a win but the Redskins’ secondary won’t let him. Broncos 38, Redskins 28; record 4-3

11/3 Chargers—In a pair of evenly matched teams, go with the home team and the better QB. Redskins 35, Chargers 24; record 5-3

11/7 Thursday night @ Vikings—Minnesota had the Redskins’ number for a few years before the Redskins clinched their win last year on RG3’s signature 76-yard run. I don’t think he goes for 76 again but I think the Redskins win. Redskins 24, Vikings 21; record 6-3

11/17 @ Eagles— Whether they are in contention or not, Philly will be up for this game. That’s the team. It may be a different story with the fans. Redskins 24, Eagles 10; record 7-3

11/25 Monday night vs. 49ers-- Kaepernick vs. RG3 is a push, maybe advantage Redskins. But overall the Niners have the edge with the other 21 players on the field. 49ers 20, Redskins 14; record 7-4

12/1 Sunday night vs. Giants— Have the last two years been a fluke? Or do the Redskins now have the Giants’ number? Number. Redskins 28, Giants 24; record 8-4

12/8 Chiefs—For no apparent reason, the Chiefs have beaten the Redskins five straight times. Washington hasn’t won against KC since 1983. That skid ends. Redskins 40, Chiefs 21; record 9-4

12/15 @ Falcons—Can the Redskins take the big step and get a win in their third try against the other 2012 NFC division champs? Not quite. Falcons 35, Redskins 28; record 9-5

12/22 Cowboys—With a 10th win to clinch the division, the Redskins come up big. Romo doesn’t throw a pick but it doesn’t matter as Griffin throws four TD’s and the Redskins win the NFC East. Redskins 35, Cowboys 20; record 10-5

12/29 @ Giants—The Redskins resting starters? Giants 24, Redskins 14; record 10-6