OPEN THREAD: Will Jay Gruden and RG3 get along?

OPEN THREAD: Will Jay Gruden and RG3 get along?
March 25, 2014, 7:00 am
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Much was made of the gradual disruptions between Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III and former coach Mike Shanahan. By the end of Shanahan's tenure, the two seemed laregly at odds with one another as the coach benched the QB and both issued vague statements barely hiding their displeasure with the other.

Enter Jay Gruden and a new attitude at coach. Shanahan came to the Redskins the winner of two Super Bowls, emboldened as owner Dan Snyder gave the former Broncos coach full control. Gruden comes in to the Skins job with a much more humble attitude, and that extends to his future with his franchise quarterback.

Gruden knows he needs the best out of RG3, and to do so, plans on an open and honest relationship with Griffin. He said so in an NFL Network interview:

Start by being honest and open with him and not do things behind his back. I don't know what happened last year with coach Shanahan and (Griffin) and when the relationship went south and if it did, or maybe the media blew it up. But obviously he's not here anymore. Now it's my job to get the most out of Robert and I honestly believe that there has to be an open relationship between quarterback and coach slash playcaller ... I welcome that type of atmosphere and hopefully it will work out.

Will it work out? Can the new coach and the third-year QB get along? Can the Skins win if they don't? Let us know what you think in the comments.