Open thread: Who's No. 6?

Open thread: Who's No. 6?
August 15, 2013, 5:00 am
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Here is your Thursday morning open thread:

The race for the sixth wide receiver job lost a contestant yesterday when the Washington Redskins cut Devery Henderson. Anyone who has been to camp has seen that Henderson has lost some of the speed that made him such a threat for the Saints for so many years. Or maybe his heart wasn't in it. In any case he was invisible for most of the time in Richmond.

That leaves three main contenders for the job:

--Dezmon Briscoe, last years No. 6. The other day on Twitter I called him a bizarro gamer. He makes plays in practice but doesn't show up so well in games. 

--Lance Lewis, making a strong bid after being injured for most of camp as a rookie last year. His catch and run for a touchdown against the Titans was nullified by a penalty but it's still on film. But so is his fumble at the goal line, a miscue that also was erased with a flag. 

--Donte Stallworth is the veteran who I think the coaches would rather have win the job. But he has lost a lot of time to a pulled hamstring and, as they say, you can't make the club in the tub. 

There also are some dark horse candidates. Skye Dawson, Chip Reeves, or Nick Williams, anyone?

And there is one more possibility and it's the way I'm leaning right now. Maybe there will not be a sixth wide receiver. The Redskins will be keeping four tight ends, probably three quarterbacks and maybe 10 offensive linemen and/or five running backs. There might not be room for a sixth WR in that mix.

What do you think?