Open thread: Who ya got today?

Open thread: Who ya got today?
January 19, 2014, 8:30 am
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Open thread, special Sunday morning edition:

Usually a super level of media hype waits until the game they are going to in two weeks but everyone is pumped up over the prospect of a pair of classic matchups. 

First up is Patriots-Broncos. Perhaps you've heard of the two quarterbacks involved. My sources are telling me that there are 104 other players who will have a say in the outcome. Does Brady get to a sixth Super Bowl? Or does Manning (along with the other 52 fellows on the Broncos) get a legacy-preserving win?

Then we have the young guns, Wilson and Kaepernick, playing in Seattle. Perhaps you're heard in could be loud there. The two QB's helped their teams get to this game and they both were helped by the top-five defenses playing with them (are you paying attention, Jay Gruden and Bruce Allen?). Can Kaepernick battle the noise and Legion of Boom and start his second straight Super Bowl? Or will Russell Wilson do what he's been doing lately and make enough plays with his arm and with his legs to move into the big game?