Open thread: When will RG3 be right?

Open thread: When will RG3 be right?
September 12, 2013, 4:30 am
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Your Thursday morning open thread:

It was clear to anyone equipped with a set of eyes and memory of Robert Griffin III circa November 2012 could tell that he wasn't the same on Monday night. Some passes were off target and he threw others that should never have been thrown (pick into triple coverage, anyone?). 

He clearly looked better in the second half but by that time the Eagles were playing to protect their lead and the gave Griffin some of the short stuff.

The question here is when will Griffin be the Griffin of last year?

--Will he take the positive second half from Monday and keep on rolling against the Packers?

--Will it take him until they face a confidence-boosting defense like the Lions or Raiders?

--Will he need to bye week to rest up and consolidate what he's learned?

--Or will it take deeper into the season before the really gains his confidence and rhythm?

--Or even, dare I say it, not until 2014?