OPEN THREAD: What causes so many sacks?

OPEN THREAD: What causes so many sacks?
December 2, 2013, 6:15 am
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Griffin III: All I know is the chain said 'first down'

Through 12 games the Redskins offensive line has given up as 33 sacks. Last year, the Redskins gave up 33 sacks over the course of the whole season. So what gives?

Against the Giants, defensive lineman Justin Tuck seemed to live in the Redskins backfield. Tuck registered four of the Giants five sacks. Clearly pass protection is a problem for this Washington team.

Is the problem the offensive line? Surely they are being outplayed for stretches, missing assignments, reading the defense wrong, or some combination of all three. But is that the only problem?

Should quarterback Robert Griffin III get rid of the ball quicker? Is his reluctance to run as much as he did in 2012 partly to blame? Or is RG3 just a bit slower than last season after undergoing reconstructive knee surgery? Maybe the receivers should get asked about pass protection as well. Are the receivers not getting open in time to get the ball out before the rush gets too heavy?

We want your answers! The Redskins clearly are not protecting RG3 with the same level of success as in 2012, you tell us why.

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