Open thread: What about 'Skins penalty problems?

Open thread: What about 'Skins penalty problems?
October 17, 2013, 5:00 am
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Your Thursday morning open thread: 

Special teams lost Sunday’s game in Dallas. But taking 12 penalties for a whopping 104 yards didn’t help Washington's cause, either.

It looked like the penalty-prone Redskins were making progress after being flagged only three times in Oakland. Well, we were wrong.

After five games, the Redskins rank 27th in penalties per game (7.6), a year after finishing 28th (7.0). So this is not a new problem.

This season, the most common infraction has been offensive holding (10). Next is offsides (7). The most penalized individuals have been center Will Montgomery, quarterback Robert Griffin III and guard Chris Chester. Montgomery has four, while RG3 and Chester have three apiece.

The most costly penalty in Dallas was likely the five-yarder (for illegal motion) on Jerome Murphy on the play prior to the second-quarter punt that was returned by Dwayne Harris 86 yards for a touchdown. On the initial punt, the ball was downed harmlessly inside the Cowboys’ 20. But the penalty forced a tired punt coverage team to line up and replay the down. That's never a good situation.

So here are today’s questions: Who’s at fault for the continuing problem with penalties? The players? Coaches? Locker room leaders? And what should be done about it?