Open thread: Is three in the booth a crowd?

Open thread: Is three in the booth a crowd?
June 26, 2013, 5:00 am
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Your Wednesday morning open thread:

Yesterday I wrote that Red Zebra's decision not to replace Sam Huff in the broadcast booth was a good one. There is no point in foisting another partner on Sonny Jurgensen at this point in time and so they will go with a two-man booth for at least the 2013 season.

Do they ever need to replace Huff? If they do, who should they bring in? And if they think three is a necessity should they wait until Sonny hangs up his headset before they so add the new voices?

If I'm in charge, I let Sonny do it for as long as he wants to and then bring in Joe Theismann. Joey T represents as successful era, he could walk right into the booth and start talking and he is up on what's going on with the team. Is he a homer? Sure he is but it's a local broadcast, the booth is supposed to have a home-team slant.