Open thread: Starting lineup concerns

Open thread: Starting lineup concerns
July 8, 2013, 4:30 am
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Your Monday morning open thread:

We still have to go through a few weeks of training camp and four preseason games but it looks like the Redskins' starting lineup is set. Free safety is not etched in stone and a couple of guys, like Tyler Polumbus at right tackle, are up on the board written with a dry erase marker. But the cake is mostly baked.

Looking at the lineup, where are your main concerns? Is Polumbus a worry or is he OK at the low-impact right tackle spot? Could the lack of a big-time wide receiver haunt them over the course of the season? Everyone has concerns in the secondary but where is your biggest specifically? Anywhere else keeping you awake nights?

I'm most concerned with the two safety spots. I'm just not sure that Brandon Meriweather can perform the whole year, the rookies aren't ready yet and I just get the feeling that Reed Doughty's over-under number for starts is 12.