OPEN THREAD: Should RG3 have input in coaching decision?

OPEN THREAD: Should RG3 have input in coaching decision?
January 7, 2014, 7:00 am
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What's the latest on the Redskins coaching search?

Much has been made during the last six weeks about the type of leadership role that Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III employs with the team. Questions also stemmed about the relationship between Griffin and Washington owner Dan Snyder. Now, with the recent firing of former coach Mike Shanahan, some focus has shifted to RG3's role in the selection of the next coach.

Elsewhere in the NFL, starting quarterbacks play a part in the hiring of a new coach, nowhere more obvious than Detroit. Young franchise quarterback Matt Stafford gets to talk about candidates, and there is no surrounding controversy. It's not unheard of for general managers and owners to ask potential coaching candidates how they would use specific weapons on a team, particularly franchise quarterbacks.

[WATCH: Chris Cooley breaks down the Skins coaching search]

So why all the noise about RG3's role? The team invested a lot to draft Griffin, shouldn't he have some input in who takes over at coach? No player is more important to the Redskins than Griffin. The flip side is that some would argue RG3 already has too much influence in the organization, and a third-year QB does should not be voicing his opinion on things larger than his role.

What do you think? Should RG3 have a say in the next coach? A little input, but no major role? Or should RG3 have nothing to do with the decision? Let us know in the comments.

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